Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tetsuya Kaneko(तेत्सुया कानेको)

Tetsuya Kaneko (Pakhawaj player) तेत्सुया कानेको

Tetsuya Kaneko is a player of the most ancient percussion called 'Pakhawaj' in India.
Pakhawaj is played with Dhrupad, the oldest style of North Indian classical music.
He started to learn it since 2000 under the great pakhawaj player Pt. Srikant Mishra who played with almost all of musicians of Dhrupad in his life.
Since 2017, he has been instructed by Pandit Vishwambhar Nath Mishra, who is the Mahant (chief priest) of the Sankat Mochan Temple.
Tetsuya has played pakhawaj as a solo player and an accompanist every year since 2002 at Dhrupad Mela, the biggest festival of Dhrupad in Varanasi, India and then he was awarded Gold medal in 2004.
Now he performs in all of India with great Dhrupad musicians.
In Japan, he plays actively as the only pakhawaj player and try always to play with the musicians of all kinds of genre.